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Joanne Holbrook

I was born and raised in Cumming, Georgia and grew up on a farm. I had a passion for my church, family, animals, and sketching & painting.  At the age of 56, tragedy hit on May 18th 2015 with the sudden and tragic death of my daughter.  The aftermath of this unexpected storm sent me into a wilderness journey seeking means of survival. It was there that I cried out to Jesus and started reading the Bible with a desperate need to find comfort.  Three years following, 2 Chronicles 15:7 was part of a morning devotion that read...But as for you, be strong and do not let your hands grow weak; for your work shall be rewarded. After months of meditation and praying, I quit my job and began using the talent God gave me as a child.  "It is what I was created to do." Multiple Spirit filled friends would speak prophetic painting into my life, but eyes and ears were not able to receive.  In March of 2019, I received a prophetic word of painting in the Spirit on stage during worship and praise services.  It was on that day that I began to spend days and weeks praying; asking God to help me walk in this new calling and destiny.  May 7, 2019 marked a new journey as it was the first day to paint prophetically...painting by the leading of the Holy Spirit instead of my own mind and desires.


At the present, I live on 10 acres in North Georgia's beautiful town of Dawsonville, Georgia, with my husband Andy. Wood is my canvas of choice, and many are built by Andy in his work shop.  My paintings are filled with emotions as they touch the hearts of people that are drawn to them...whether it be of a prophetic or impressionistic nature.   


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