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I can thank my husband, Andy, for encouraging me to paint on a piece of wood he cut from his sawmill in November 2017.  He had a vision of me painting on the first slab he cut from a pine log.  I thought it was silly, and certainly did not have the same vision!  That slab, and several more, stayed propped in my garage for several months.  The desire to paint began to rise back up in me after many years.  One evening I painted on one of the slabs for kicks and to speak!  To my surprise, I loved the way the acrylic paints absorbed into the wood...and I loved the way it looked!


Many of my wood canvases are made from the trees that fall from storms or high winds


It takes a lot of man power, equipment and tools to go

 from start to finish


log is placed on sawmill and cut into slabs


Leaving the slabs out to dry and weather make perfect wood canvases!  Can't find this at craft stores!


You guessed it...that's me!


I do more than sit around and paint...I run my own wood shop!

joanne painting.jpg

From wood shop to art gallery.  At the time I painted Little Red, we had a beautiful red fox visiting on occasion!

art booth.jpg

Art Festivals are a lot of hard work, but fun!  This is a photo of my booth at the 2018 Apple Festival in Ellijay, Georgia!

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